Living Proof of a Loving God to an Ever-Changing World
Wesleyan Kids for Missions purposes to train kids for Christian service through Bible studies and information about missions. Monthly meet- ings are held with special emphasis on reading resources, prayer pals, memorizing scriptures, and monthly offerings, which go towards special projects. Dues are only 52 cents per year per person.
Parish Nurse Program:
This program is provided to meet the limited healthcare needs of the church. The parish
nurse serves only as an advisor to those with healthcare concerns and is not considered a pri- mary care provider. Free blood pressure checks are offered the 2nd Sunday of each month.
Wesleyan Women
Ladies Bible Study (LBS):
LBS is a ministry which purposes to
not only develop women into godly leaders, but also to actively encourage women to grow in their love for God and for one another. This group meets on Monday night at 7 p.m.
Baskets Of Love:
Through individuals who are willing to donate meals or join in together with others to make a meal, this ministry focuses on serving families who have welcomed a newborn into their family, who are recovering from surgery and/or illness, or who just need encouragement. If you are interested in participating in this ministry, you may contact Jaye Holland at 662.1633 or
Believing in the Great Commission stated in Matthew 28:19-20 that evangelism is limited not only to our community but is to be taken “to all the world”, we are strongly committed to this mandate as we support local organizations, as well as various missionaries around the globe. An annual missions conference is held in February at which time the congregation of Chapel Pike makes faith promise pledges in sup- port of these ministries. Short-term mission trips are planned so the congregation might have a hands-on experience on fields around the world.
Greeter Team:
Do you have the gift of service and hospitality, and love to meet people and make them feel welcome? Do you like to smile and hand out folded papers to complete strangers? If so, the Greeter Team is just the place for you. Each Sunday morning prior to both Sunday School and the morning worship service, greeters serve approximately one hour as they shake hands, welcome individuals to the church, and assist those with special needs to get where they need to go. Each team serves once a month. If this ministry is for you, contact Jennifer Lewton to be added to the Greeter Schedule (668.8722 or
Prayer Chain:
The chain is a network of per- sons within the church that intercedes in prayer for seriously ill persons, those facing major surgery, or other major concerns. The chain is acti- vated when an individual is notified of an urgent request and, in turn, informs the next individual of that need. Call Martha Maddox (674-6087), the church office (662-7118), or Pastor Steve (662-6737) to start the chain, and your request will then be passed down to others until the chain is completed.
Chapel Pike Food Pantry
Food Pantry:
This ministry of the church is a means to demonstrate Christian love in a basic and practical way, to be a reflection of the love we have for others and an encouragement for individuals we serve to draw closer to God. Contributions to the food bank are made by the members of the congregation who provide basic, non-perishable foods, as well as non- edible items, to those in need of assistance. The need for food donations to this program is very great as we seek to meet this particular need of not only those within our church family but also in the community. The first Sunday of each month is designated as Food Pantry Day.
Wesleyan Women:
The ministry of the
Wesleyan Women con- nects women to God and to others by involving them in relationships and ministry to each other.
This group coordinates various activities and events of the church, such as showers, church banquets, meals for poll workers on election days, service projects, as well as an annual ladies event for our local church.